USCIS ran out of money: more than half of employees will lose their jobs

Service citizenship and immigration the United States is preparing to send in a leave without pay for more than half of its workforce, according to CNN.

USCIS осталась без денег: более половины сотрудников потеряют работу

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The Federal Agency charged with providing immigration benefits, process applications for visa and to claim citizenship, preparing to leave without work, more than half of its employees if Congress doesn’t provide additional funding, according to press Secretary of the USCIS.

Service citizenship and immigration USA has informed Congress about the alleged budget deficit in may. While negotiations continue, according to the Agency, is preparing to leave without pay.

According to the Agency, approximately 13,400 employees will receive notice of whether they will be sent on leave without pay from August 3. The Agency employs about 20,000 people.

USCIS is mainly funded through fees and, as a rule, continues most of the operations in the periods of problems with financing, such as during last year’s government closure. But during a pandemic the Agency to suspend the provision of personal services, including all interviews and the naturalization ceremony.

“This is a sharp drop in income made it impossible to work our Agency is at full capacity, — reads the statement of the representative of the USCIS. — Without additional funding from Congress to 3 August, USCIS has no other choice but administratively to send on unpaid leave, a significant part of our workforce”.

Immigration Agency located in the heart of a number of administrative measures aimed at reducing legal immigration in the United States. Recently the White house has issued a decree imposing new restrictions on work visas and banning the entry of thousands of immigrants in the United States. The administration also seeks to prevent asylum seekers who illegally cross the border to obtain a work permit (with some exceptions), and to delay the issuance of permits.

The depletion of Agency funds, apparently, are the result of the administration’s policies, which reduced the number of petitions — and thus fees — received USCIS, said Sarah pierce, an analyst at the migration policy Institute USA. According to pierce, the fees fell, while the cost of due diligence, and fraud detection has increased.