USCIS resumes premium processing for certain types of applications

Service citizenship and immigration, the United States announced that in the month of June will resume premium processing of form I-129 “Petition for nonimmigrant worker” (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker) and form I-140 “Immigrant petition for foreign-born employees” (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers). This was reported on the official USCIS website.

USCIS возобновляет премиальную обработку некоторых видов заявок

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Beginning June 1, 2020, USCIS will accept form I-907 “Request for premium processing service” (Request for Premium Processing Service) for all admissible requests for form I-140.

Starting from the 8th of June, USCIS will accept requests for premium processing:

  • petitions H-1B filed before June 8, pending and not subject to the annual limitation (e.g., filed by applicants that are exempt from the restrictions, and filed for beneficiaries previously recorded in numerical distribution);
  • all other petitions, form I-129 (not petitions H-1B) for non-immigrant classifications eligible for premium processing filed before June 8, and pending.

From June 15, USCIS plans:

  • to resume premium processing of petitions H-1B request premium processing by filing form I-907 concurrently with form I-129 (or a request for a petition filed on June 8 or after that date), and freed from the constraints as:
  • the employer is exempt from the restrictions because the beneficiary will work in the corresponding freed from the constraints of the institution or organization (for example, in higher education, nonprofit research organizations or governmental research organizations); or
  • the beneficiary is exempt from the restrictions on the basis of the document about the release of Conrad/IGA in accordance with section 214 (l) INA.

Starting from June 22, USCIS plans to resume premium processing of all other petitions form I-129, including:

  • all H-1B petition (and petitions in fiscal year 2021), including the change of status from nonimmigrant F-1, as for the upgraded premium handling and filed forms I-907;
  • all the rest of the petition forms I-129 for nonimmigrant classifications eligible for premium processing and requesting premium processing by submitting form I-907 concurrently with form I-129.

All the dates can be changed as soon as the USCIS will continue to accept more requests for premium processing. Service citizenship and immigration will report on any changes.

March 20, USCIS announced a temporary suspension of premium processing for all petitions form I-129 and I-140 due to pandemic coronavirus. Service citizenship and immigration continues to process any requests previously accepted form I-907 in accordance with the criteria for the premium service.

Applicants who have already filed form I-129 or form I-140 using premium processing service before its suspension on March 20 but did not wait for any action and redress can re-fill the form I-907 in accordance with the above schedule, without considering the changes in the USCIS, which may be announced in the future.



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