Useful autumn berries: what you need is in this season?

Berries are very useful for human health. They are especially needed in the autumn season when you need more vitamins and minerals. What a delicious and flavorful berries are good to eat in the autumn, will be discussed in our material.

Полезные осенние ягоды: что надо есть в этом сезоне?


A distant ancestor of garden roses are very useful in the autumn season. Fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, even more than the lemon, orange, black currant. Accordingly, this berry is a great protection against colds.


In this autumn berry is also very rich in vitamin C. in addition, the berry contains iodine. All this is very important to maintain a strong immune system. Thus, the tea made from elderberry is becoming an indispensable drink in the fall.


This berry is consumed in the autumn season in any form. Thanks to the vitamins C, P and N, it becomes a great preventive measure against colds and flu. But if you have been infected, the Kalina can get rid of unpleasant signs of illness.

Sea buckthorn

This berry allows you to saturate the body with vitamins A, C, E, K, b group, magnesium, potassium, manganese, folic acid. All of them are necessary for women who are preparing for pregnancy and are already in an interesting position. Also sea buckthorn – helps to prevent the development of pathologies of the nervous system in the fetus.


Different plant also called uranium. It is also a lot of vitamin C, which is no less than the lemon. In the autumn it is important to use a berry for the prevention of colds and diseases of the thyroid gland.

Stone bramble

In late September, ripens the harvest of this fruit which needs to be included in the diet. It allows to achieve an antipyretic effect, therefore at a high temperature is very good, the stone bramble.


Most of hawthorn preparing preserves and jams, marmalades and compotes. But few people realize that this is an incredibly useful autumn berry. It is necessary to reduce the excitability of the heart muscle in case of arrhythmia, normalization of sleep, nervous disorders. Pure hawthorn helps to improve the digestive system.