Users of social networks claim that tore a full house at the rally of trump: how they did it

Users of the social network Tik-Tok and fans of South Korean popular music K-Pop say that it is thanks to their efforts, the audience at the first recent campaign rally of President of the United States Donald trump was not as big as expected. Representatives of the President of the United States with this theory do not agree. About it writes BBC.

Пользователи соцсетей утверждают, что сорвали аншлаг на митинге Трампа: как им это удалось

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On Saturday, June 20, in the evening, trump met with his supporters at the stadium BOK Center in Tulsa (Oklahoma), which holds about 19 thousand people. But the auditorium was not full, and some seats remained empty. The fire brigade of the city of Tulsa reports that came to the rally of 6 thousand people, but the campaign of Donald trump’s claim that participants were much more.

Because of the quarantine imposed to combat the spread of coronavirus, the last time trump held a meeting about three months ago.

According to political consultant Steve Schmidt, the teenagers throughout the United States ordered the tickets for the event with the participation of trump, but actually participate in it was not planned — and made it to the hall were empty seats. Schmidt is a well — known opponent of the current President — said that among those who participated in the campaign, was his daughter.

In response to the campaign message trump on Twitter that the rally distributed 800 thousand tickets, Schmidt wrote: “My 16-year-old daughter and her friends… have received hundreds of tickets. American teenagers you did!”

Under that tweet a lot of reviews, the authors of which confirm the words of Schmidt and said that their children did the same. Some, however, noted that the action was attended by people of different ages.

“It wasn’t just teenagers. I’m 60, and I have 300 tickets,” wrote the lady of the social network of Teresa Moore.

The democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also wrote that young people and fans of K-pop is flooded with campaign trump fake ticket orders.

Before the rally in Tulsa trump has said that it intend to participate millions of his supporters.

“Fake ticket inquiries never affect our calculations”, — wrote the head of the presidential campaign, trump brad Parscale. He explained that people at rallies trump allowed into a queue, and blamed the lack of crowds of demonstrators and journalists who tried to dissuade people to go to the rally in a pandemic.

Left and online trolls who are celebrating the victory, thinking that they somehow affected the turnout, I don’t know what they’re talking about and how the organization of our meetings, said Pascal. — If you register to participate in the meeting, you need to confirm it with your mobile number and we continuously computed false numbers. It was the same in the case of a rally in Tulsa, where we got rid of tens of thousands of rooms and considered our possible audience”.

One of the participants of the campaign in social networks Elijah Daniel explained that many of the opponents of the trump ordered tickets to overstate the possible audience of the rally and thus make fun of the President, who often likes to talk about the huge number of their supporters.

“The great campaign, which was occupied by a community of fans of K-pop and user Tik-Tok, was to show how it is showing off its numbers, including false — those that were clearly artificially inflated with the help of Tik-Tok,” said Daniel.

It’s unclear how many of these trump the hundreds of thousands of applications for participation in the rally was a fake. However, only one of the videos in Tik-Tok posted June 12 and calling people to make a false ticket orders received more than 700 thousand of “likes”.

First, the headquarters trump announced that the rally will be held June 19. On this day the African-American community of the United States celebrates a holiday called Juneteenth and marking the final abolition of slavery in the United States.

After numerous protests made by politicians and activists of the electoral headquarters trump has agreed to postpone the event on June 20.



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