Uterine fibroids: why it appears, what is dangerous and how to treat

According to statistics, about one-third of women of childbearing age are faced with the fibroids.

Миома матки: почему она появляется, чем опасна и как лечится

Uterine fibroids is education, arising from smooth muscle fibers. About a third of women of childbearing age are faced with the fibroids. Why knot is formed, no one knows exactly – for this reason there are several theories. There is speculation that abnormalities in muscle tissues occur during embryonic development. It is also possible, myoma is the result of injury of the muscle layer of the uterus due to abortion, inflammatory processes, long reproductive period without pregnancy and other reasons.

Many women live for years with fibroids and are not even aware of it. The fact that the formation of small, usually does not manifest itself and notice its only on closer inspection. In women with large fibroids can have different symptoms, for example, increased menstruation, abdominal pain, problems with a chair. Fibroids can interfere with the onset or pregnancy, depending on its size and location.

Patients often get scared hearing about fibroids. But it has nothing to do with cancer – the risk of the degeneration of the tissues the same as the normal tissues of the uterus. In addition, fibroids can not years to grow and many women are not even aware that they have fibroids.

Effective means of prevention no. Considered at risk are women:

  • not have given birth to a child up to 35 years;
  • smokers;
  • having inflammatory diseases of reproductive organs;
  • in the past who had operations on the pelvic organs, abortion, curettage and other such interference;
  • having hormonal disturbances.

For fibroids it is important to observe. If it starts to grow rapidly, doctors may recommend surgical treatment. In General, there are two methods – surgery and conservative treatment. During the operation, can only be removed the fibroids, and may require removal of the entire uterus. Now, radical surgery is not carried out without the need of even women who are already out of childbearing age. Also, the method in which doctors block the blood supply of the node.