“Vacation credit”. What will happen to the business?

The national Bank recently will adopt the principles of “credit holidays” for business that will be a recommendation.

«Кредитные каникулы». Что ждет бизнес?

This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova, betrays UKRINFORM.

According to her, the national Bank will develop the universal principles of “vacation credit” for all banking institutions of Ukraine and the public.

“For the business, which is now fully or partially ceased their activities, fully or partially lost revenues that could be diverted to service loans, we assume the same principle of “vacation credit” and the population” — said Rozhkov.

In her view, banks should work with business on a more individual basis and offer a “vacation credit” for the duration of quarantine measures.

With her words, the day after tomorrow NBU will accept universal rules at the Board level and the business will be able to use them.

“It will be universal principles that will apply to all banking institutions… it is important For banks to ensure that their customers have maintained their solvency — able to service the debt. What we do is a recommendation, but we will give you the opportunity to save the client, without losing your own capital,” explained Rozhkova.