Valery harchishin alarmed network photos from the accident scene

Валерий Харчишин встревожил сеть фото с места ДТП

The leader of the group “druga Rika” Valery harchishin, who starred in the sensual clip with overcoming his cancer, Yanina Sokolova, scared of fans photo from the accident scene. On his page on Instagram, the musician said that he witnessed the accident himself narrowly escaped a collision. Saved him a new car, stuffed with modern security system and navigation.

In his place could have been me. Uncle on the wagon stupidly stood to the left lane. I was driving behind a Nissan that didn’t pop out. I have worked the system Pilot Assist, Volvo braked itself. I jumped on a safe island between lanes that I have not entered any daydreaming, came out and walked to the victims”, — he said and showed photos of the accident scene.

Валерий Харчишин встревожил сеть фото с места ДТП

The musician said that in a broken car no one was seriously hurt. Out of the car yourself out of the driver and asked Valery to take to metro passengers. The guy had an injured arm, it was bleeding. The girl scratched her knee. But they chose not medical care, and work.

Oh, Valera, and take passengers to the subway.” And one of the hands of his soup. Carry passengers. Cute and frightened people. Everyone, besides my little happiness-unhappiness. The girl does not notice that the scratches on the knee bleeding. He says he’s going to quit his job, asks for a selfie at the memory and smiles. Other happy because it is not late for work”, — said Valery.

Валерий Харчишин встревожил сеть фото с места ДТП

Valeriy has warned subscribers to be careful on the road. The majority of accidents happen because of human factor.

“People are not machines and are not always able to react at such moments. I’m no exception, because it, too, did not, for me it made my car”, — he added.

“In the EU on the legislative level, has equipped all trucks with function of emergency braking and are already preparing a law to oblige all manufacturers with 2022 set saving app. If in Ukraine this law will not — it will continue to strengthen the right to security as a luxury,” summed up the show.

For musician safety — not just empty words. In September 2007 Valery was involved in a serious accident. He hurried from Kiev to Zhitomir to pick up his wife from the hospital with a newborn son. But his “Mercedes” flew off the road and crashed into trees. Valery suffered serious injuries. With cherepno-a brain trauma, fractures and injuries to internal organs was taken to intensive care. Then the doctors said that if not for the timely help, could have ended much more pitiable.

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