Valj Semerenko came in the top 15 the last sprint of the season of the biathlon world Cup

Валя Семеренко вошла в топ-15 последнего спринта сезона Кубка мира по биатлону

Valya Semerenko

Within the penultimate, the eighth stage of the biathlon world Cup in the Finnish Kontiolahti hosted the women’s sprint.

Won German Denise Herrmann, overcame the distance of 7.5 km with two firing lines in exactly 20 minutes.

With a delay of 20 sec. second place was taken by her compatriot Franziska Preuss and the bronze award went to Norway’s Tiril Eckhoff, who fell behind by 12 sec.

The best of Ukrainians became Valya Semerenko. During the race Semerenko claimed to be in the top 10, but miss on the “front” pushed Currencies to the final 14-th line.

Note that in the top 30 also includes her sister Vita who had to run two penalty loops.

Anastasiya Merkushyna was 32nd, Julia Jim – 53rd, Olena Pidhrushna – the 57th. This allowed all the Ukrainian women to qualify for the pursuit race, which will be held on Saturday, March 14.

The results of the race:

  1. Denise Herrmann (0+1) 20:00,5
  2. Franziska Preuss (1+0) +20,1
  3. Tiril Eckhoff (1+1) +32,3

  • 14. Valj Semerenko (0+1) +1:04,1
  • 30. Vita Semerenko (1+1) +1:43,0
  • 32. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+2) +1:45,2
  • 53. Julia Jim (1+2) +2:13,2
  • 57. Olena Pidhrushna (3+0) +2:23,4