Valuable: for the first time the paparazzi captures her daughter’s face Leighton Meester

Long-time star of “Gossip girl” carefully concealed the face of a four year old child.

Ценный кадр: папарацци впервые запечатлели лицо дочери Лейтон Мистер

Many celebrities prefer to hide the faces of your small children from the public, but it lasts, usually not longer than a year since the birth of the baby. 33-year-old Leighton Meester and her husband Adam Brody went into this “privacy” is quite far — their daughter Arlo for four, and until recently famous parents hid her daughter from the cameras.

The star of “Gossip girl” often tried to capture while walking with the baby in public places, but he was extremely careful — he saw a man with a camera, she immediately Packed her things and together with her daughter hid in the car.

Recently Leighton and Arlo noticed at the airport in Toronto. The actress smiled and looked happy, she wheeled a pram with a young Arlo, which has grown significantly, and sat quietly in a wheelchair in an embrace with a toy bear. Film star mother and her child immediately spread on the Network.

Not only the child, but also personal life of the actress to some extent shrouded in mystery. So, your novel Leighton and Adam was hiding a whole year, not yet decided on a joint entry. In 2014, they got married in a closed ceremony, attended by only relatives and relatives of the couple. About pregnancy Mr learned from actress with a rounded belly accidentally saw paparazzi.