Vandalized signs: the CAQ affixes a sticker against bullying

Vandalized signs: the CAQ affixes a sticker against bullying


MONTREAL | In response to the multiplication of acts of vandalism against electoral signs, the CAQ began to affix, on posters installed as a replacement, a sticker stating “let's not give in to intimidation”.

Our Parliamentary Office found that these stickers, on which the name of the party's official agent appears, began circulating last Sunday, during the party's first major activist rally, which was taking place in Drummondville. It is therefore an official initiative of the CAQ and an election expense. 

Our Parliamentary Office noted that stickers denouncing intimidation began circulating last Sunday, during the first major activist rally of the CAQ, which took place in Drummondville.

According to information obtained from the Coalition Avenir Québec, this is an idea brought forward by the party's Succession Commission, in the face of repeated acts of vandalism. In the Caquist ranks, this initiative is considered better than replacing the vandalized signs as if nothing had happened. 

It should be noted that acts of vandalism have been denounced by each of the parties since the election was called. 

Sylvain Lévesque targeted

CAQ candidate Sylvain Lévesque , who faces among others the conservative leader Éric Duhaime in the riding of Chauveau, also published a video, Tuesday afternoon, to denounce the destruction of several of his electoral posters, in the night from Monday to Tuesday. We also see the candidate showing off the sticker in question in the last seconds of his publication. 

“Last night, in several neighborhoods of the riding of Chauveau, there was mass vandalism on several of my electoral signs, says Mr. Lévesque. To the people or the person who did this, I ask you the question: who did you really harm yesterday by doing this illegal act?” 

The CAQ candidate and outgoing deputy, who is seeking a second mandate in Chauveau, concludes by inviting all the voters of his constituency “to express themselves and to vote” on October 3. 

“Unhealthy climate”

On Monday, the chief caquist, François Legault, deplored the “unhealthy climate” observed since the start of the electoral campaign in Quebec. “There are like limits that have been crossed,” he reacted, after the broadcast of the testimony of his candidate in Arthabaska and outgoing government whip, Éric Lefebvre. Last Thursday evening, Mr. Lefebvre was visited in front of his home by around thirty vehicles like those observed during the “freedom convoy” last winter. 

“All those who vandalize signs, all those who intimidate, threaten, your actions have consequences on human beings,” recalled Mr. Legault, denouncing this act of intimidation.

Duhaime reacts

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, wanted to show “all his sympathy” for Éric Lefebvre on the sidelines of a press briefing in Montreal on Tuesday morning.  

Although he condemns intimidation and calls on everyone to advance their ideas by going to vote, Mr. Duhaime stressed that Éric Lefebvre was responsible for bringing into the ranks the CAQ deputies who were in disagreement with the government.  

“You know that there is also a member of the Coalition Avenir Québec in the riding of Laviolette–Saint-Maurice who rightly denounced the fact that the members of the CAQ were forced to keep quiet and that they were gagged in a certain way […] It is the whip who is responsible for that”. 

The Conservative leader also expressed that he finds “sad” and “irresponsible” the association made between the gestures that were made at Mr. Lefebvre's home and conservative sympathizers “without any proof”.   

– With the collaboration of Gabriel Côté (Agence QMI)

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