Vandalized TVA Quebec vehicles

TVA Québec vehicles vandalized


At least seven vehicles belonging to TVA Québec were the target of vandalism overnight from Monday to Tuesday. An investigation has been opened by the Quebec Police Service (SPVQ). 

Several vehicle windows and headlights were smashed by the perpetrators of these misdeeds.

This incident comes at a time when the media is witnessing a wave of hatred against them. This gesture is strongly denounced by the provincial president of the TVA employees union, Carl Beaudoin.

“Since the start of the pandemic, the verbal and sometimes physical violence suffered by employees has been staggering. . Journalists, cameramen and technicians who find themselves in the field regularly complain of harassment. It has to stop,” he said.

All TVA Quebec cars are white and are not identified with any logo to avoid any form of intimidation. All logos were removed during the pandemic due to numerous threats.

No employees were harmed in this case.