‘ve come to collect a debt in new York, the tenant killed a landlord, dropping him down the stairs

Male from Queens (new York city) was arrested on charges that he was associated with the death of their landlord, which occurred shortly after a dispute over payment. This writes ABC News.

Пришел забрать долг: в Нью-Йорке арендатор убил хозяина дома, сбросив его с лестницы

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The incident occurred on Sunday, January 12, around 14:30 when 71-year-old Edgar Moncayo went to the house, which he owned to collect rent from his 22-year-old tenant Alex Garces.

“The guy so vehemently pushed my dad that he flew from the front door to the concrete sidewalk,” said the victim’s daughter Christina Moncayo.

The incident was captured on video door bell. It shows Moncayo is at the door and talking on a mobile phone on the porch, when Garces, who was inside the house, stepped out.

Garces pushed Moncayo with such force that the man fell down the stairs and to the sidewalk below where he hit his head, said district attorney Queens Melinda Katz.

“We didn’t expect this would ever happen. It’s like a dream, a nightmare, — said the grandson of Maceio. — He was a hardworking man who had three daughters, several grandchildren.”

According to prosecutors, Moncayo received a traumatic brain injury and died in hospital.

Garces is accused of manslaughter in the first degree, reckless second-degree murder and second-degree assault. The judge set the bail at $50,000.

According to family Moncayo garcés created problems and threatened to leave the property, without paying anything. Garces also missed a payment of rent at least a month, when Edgar Moncayo decided to go to him.

Grandson Moncayo said that his grandfather even lowered the rent Garces from $400 to $200 a month to help the tenant.

“I was very surprised because I saw him yesterday around 13:00 and he was alive,” said neighbor Sergio Luna.

Daughter Moncayo said that the bodies of her father will be donated. The Garces faces up to 25 years in prison.