Venice flooded again, another big wave is projected on the night (PHOTOS)

Венецию снова затопило, еще большая волна прогнозируется ночью (ФОТО)

The centre of Venice was flooded due to heavy rains, according to the Associated Press. Flooded many shops and cafes, water covered the famous Piazza San Marco. As a precaution on Tuesday did not operate kindergartens.

Tourists and Venetians wear high boots, and squashed on the raised walkways to get around as a result of the flood that covered most of it.In many hotels guests have disposable plastic boots above the knee, many local residents have such well resinoide boots.

The water level on Tuesday morning made up 1.27 meters, but warned that another big wave is projected in the night. According to meteorologists, on Tuesday evening is expected to rain the next charge, which particularly affect the North-East of Italy and also Sicily.

Flooding in Venice is not a rare phenomenon called “high water”. They happen because of the rains, and also due to storm surges. In the last month of bad weather has become commonplace in Italy, almost daily showers covered most of the country.