Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze showed idyll in relations

Recently, the media trumpeted the fact that Konstantin Meladze changes Vera Brezhnev with the soloist of group “VIA Gra” Eric Herceg.

Вера Брежнева и Константин Меладзе продемонстрировали идиллию в отношениях

First, the news was denied by the representative of Erica, and soon rumors commented on the Faith itself, by writing a great post in their social networks. And while the Internet does not cease the discussion on this topic, Faith and Constantine, it seems, do not give it any importance, enjoying their relationships.

So, a couple of days with friends noticed in one of the clubs in the VIP area at the concert of Ukrainian artist Rozhden. Soon, the network got the video, which Faith and Constantine dance and sing along to the songs. Well, it seems that the relationship between spouses, there is complete idyll and no hint of divorce!