Vera Brezhnev grateful to the fans for the experience

Vera Brezhneva commented on the rumors about the infidelity of her husband, the producer Konstantin Meladze. According to the singer, they only flatter.

Вера Брежнева благодарна фанатам за переживания

Not so long ago in mass-media there were messages about the change of Konstantin Meladze. As told allegedly close to the musical expert sources, it is found with soloist of “VIA gra” Eric Herceg, and with his wife plans to divorce. The journalists decided to ask Vera Brezhneva whether the rumors are true. The corresponding question was asked to the singer last October 9 awards in the field of broadcasting “Radiomania-2019”. Hearing him, the celebrity laughed and said I don’t give importance to such rumors. The actress suggested that the false information began to spread due to the fact that she removed the joint from the producer of the images from your Instagram account. As stressed by Brezhnev, it sometimes removes various photos from the social Network, wanting to keep them. The singer also said that her pleasant experiences of the fans for their relationship with the spouse.