Vera Brezhnev has delighted fans with a performance in a brilliant microtape

Singer Vera Brezhneva has delighted their many fans with a performance in a brilliant microtome and a long white skirt with a thigh-high slit. The corresponding video appeared on the page of the star actress in the social network Instagram.

Вера Брежнева привела в восторг поклонников выступлением в блестящем микротопе

According to Vera Brezhneva, she decided to arrange a short break in the intense November, but suddenly realized that I missed the band, concerts, songs and happy faces of the audience at his concerts. Considered how much time has passed and it turned out that only 3 days. The star said he has returned to the stage, and looks forward to their next performance. In proof of his words, the actress published a video of a recent concert, which also featured in a shiny microtome and a long skirt with a thigh-high slit. Many fans were delighted with the amazing voice of the beloved singer and her sexy movements on stage. Fans called the singer amazing. According to most of the concerts of Vera Brezhneva really are very powerful, she has amazing energy, and even smells of openness and kindness.

“You have one so atmospheric and energetically beautiful. Oh and just so beautiful,” “When testosterone falls, just look on Faith”, “You are so beautiful. Love you! You’re my man,” admired by fans.