Vera Brezhnev rejuvenated on a drip after rumors of a divorce

Vera Brezhneva is currently on tour. Celebrity rejuvenated on a drip after rumors of a divorce and fatigue after performances.

Вера Брежнева омолаживается под капельницей после слухов о разводе

This year the stars of the popular heals under the drip. Vera Brezhnev does not lag behind colleagues, but prefers vitamin treatments, which help to overcome the seasonal problems. In late November, the body is weakened, in addition, the proliferation of online rumors about her divorce are also exhausting a celebrity. In addition, the former participant of group “VIA Gra” recognized, she works weekends as it is very popular and makes long journeys.

Saved the singer from the autumn Blues and while writing new songs. The day before she presented the dance composition “Sing and dance”, on which worked for. As for gossips about her possible breakup with Konstantin Meladze, their artist has not commented on, asking another question, wondering what curious need information about her personal life.