Vera Brezhnev revealed the secret of his harmony

The singer admitted, that helps her keep in shape

Вера Брежнева раскрыла секрет своей стройности

Vera Brezhneva is able to be different and like it a lot and impress her fans. The real delight was caused by the appearance of the singer in a spicy latex suit and playful cat mask. Really, the singer could not always boast of brand new clothes and stylish outfits. On their first fashion purchases, search image, the secrets of harmony and the support of her husband, the singer said in an interview with Grazia.

“Now I’m happy with my style, I learned to hear yourself, trust your taste and intuition. Of course, in my team there are professionals, people that have influenced and influence the formation of my style… But, you know, when I review the pictures of her youth, I like how I’m there dressed! By the way, since I like second-hand. In General, a person who I completely trust when it comes to style, is my husband. Doubting between the two outfits, always consult with him because he was clearly tied for the best,” — said the singer.

The singer recalled his first fashionable things in the wardrobe. The first is a stylish jacket made from vinyl leather, bought in second-hand hometown of the singer Dneprodzerzhinsk (now — onward).

“He remained in the memory not so much due to the unusual appearance, but because the fact that I felt like the coolest girl in town. And yet somehow my boyfriend gave me an incredible view of the top Dolce & Gabbana. It was sleeveless, green with lurex and leopard accents. One of my first branded items! It seems to me that, given the trends, today it would be relevant. Put I am now, probably would have collected a lot of likes!” — convinced the singer.

Faith revealed the secret of his slimness and told about the main rules of nutrition. The singer adheres strictly to the regime under any circumstances.

“I eat on the regime — regardless of what country or time zone there. And drink a lot of water. Otherwise, the metabolism will not forgive me! Dinner in the day of the concert is always early, and after that only drink tea. Although I will not lie, sometimes very hungry,” admits the artist.

While participating in the group “VIA Gra” Vera allowed to treat yourself to something tasty and it certainly had an impact on the figure. Now, in addition to properly organized power, to be in shape it helps the sport. To maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, the singer carries with him a variety of masks.

“Exercise try not to miss even on the road — carry fitness bands, go to the gym, training with a trainer via Skype. Another rule — 100 lymphatic drainage of jumps on an empty stomach. Carry the cushion for the back and always do the stretching because my feet hurt from heels. You train it to do,” said Brezhnev.