Vera Brezhnev supported the premiere of a video featuring Erica Herceg

For several days now discussing a possible affair married Konstantin Meladze Erica Herceg. While curious fans trying to bring the producer and singer on clean water, Vera Brezhnev decided to… support Eric and the band “VIA Gra” during the presentation of their new video.

Вера Брежнева поддержала премьеру клипа с участием Эрики Герцег

In early October there were rumors of a secret connection with 56-year-old Konstantin Meladze and member of the group “VIA Gra”, 31-year-old Erica Herceg. Soon the singer’s representative has denied speculation about her relationship with a married producer — haters, however, his words did not convince.

Netizens attacked the social network of Vera Brezhneva questions about whether she knows about the affair of the spouse with the artist.

Faith just laughed in response to the arguments of the public, but the followers did not believe in her sincerity, continuing to develop theory about relationships between celebrities.

It seems, October 9, Brezhnev put an end to the ugly history with Meladze and Herceg Novi. On his page in Instagram singer has posted a teaser video of the band “VIA Gra”.

“We have fire premiere” — briefly signed live Faith.

Soon the publication Brezhneva commented on myself Eric Herceg. The singer left Emoji-heart in the microblog stars.

Members were surprised the clip of the so-called “rival” in the social networks of the artist. That is why instead to speak about the music video, fans began to praise Brezhnev and remember the “Golden team” of girlsband. “Faith, teach the girls to dance just like you!” “It is evident that the girls are trying, it worked better to light a heart,” “Faith, now waiting for a fiery new and from you!” commented on Internet users.