Verka Serduchka has released the first song in 6 years

Ukrainian artist Danilko, who was loved by the public by way of singing conductors Verka Serduchka, for the first time in 6 years recorded the song.

Верка Сердючка выпустила первую песню за 6 лет

Premiere of the new hit took place at the “Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya,” which took place in Kiev on November 12, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

The song is called Make It Rain Champagne (“Make a rain of champagne”). To present the song Verka Serduchka decided in the suit, which represented Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in 2007.

Hall was warmly received new track Danilko, and presenter Katya Osadchaya asked him to sing a song for an encore.

To hear the new hit Verka Serduchka you can in the TV version of “Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya” on channel 1+1 December 24, and while listening to the excerpt from the song Make It Rain Champagne.