‘Very generous’ and coming soon: trump spoke about the second wave of assistance in connection with the coronavirus

The President of the United States Donald trump talked to Joe St George, national political editor and Washington correspondent for Scripps, and spoke about the prospects of another package of assistance in connection with the coronavirus, writes Forbes.

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St. George’s asked a direct question to the President about how does trump second wave of assistance in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, and when it is possible.

“We all came out better than anyone had ever seen. We had the best performance, best economy ever was, and then we got a virus from China. Now we are restored again. We will be doing another care package. It will be very good, it will be very generous,” he said.

To the question about when you plan a new wave of aid and in what amount, trump replied: “I think it will be a couple of weeks, probably.” The amount the President did not elaborate, adding: “You know it”.

How likely is another aid package

As the author writes Jim Wong, to this day, he believed that the Americans will get another bailout package, but the prospects, such as getting the equivalent of $1200, payable by law CARES, was small.

It was the first case when the President trump mentioned the possibility that the next batch will include widespread financial payments. Until then, all his public statements as the author notes, were associated with support with regard to unemployment. These bonuses are for those returning to work, the rejection of the payroll tax, and even tax deductions for domestic tourism.

In early may, when economic indicators have been weaker than today, the President trump said that with the next package of financial aid “no rush”. Now, it seems, this idea can be discussed in the Senate, when he will return to the meetings at the end of July.

Some lawmakers say they don’t like the idea of another round of aid, since it is very expensive. There are those who say that they don’t like to pay people more for lack of work than in work. All this looks like a headwind against future large-scale bailout.

What can you offer as the second round

While the Law HEROES — the only bill related to “coronavirus” bailout, passed in both houses. It provides financial assistance, similar to the law CARES — $1200 for adults and dependent children up to three years, with the same limits of income. This means that a family of two adults and three children will be eligible for assistance $6,000.

This law includes and other conditions will cost the country about $3 trillion. The bill is unlikely to be adopted for a number of reasons, but mainly because the Republican-controlled Senate led by Mitch McConnell stated that the next bailout bill will be written by the Senate.

Until now, the only Republican bills that have attracted a lot of attention, belonged to the category of bonuses for returning to work. It benefits only those who returned to work after quarantine.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has offered a prize for the return to work in the amount of $450, which eventually would give to the employee a sum in excess of his normal wage. This will encourage people to go back to work and stimulate cash flow in the economy. It is unclear how long will be paid a bonus.

Texas representative Kevin Brady offered a shorter bonus in your law “About the discovery of America by supporting the workers” by 2020. His proposal provides for a double payment of $600 per week return to their designated employees. Since he is a leading Republican in the Committee of the U.S. house of representatives on ways and means, his proposal may have a greater impact.

In addition, there were discussions about reducing the payroll tax, but nobody would consider them “generous”.

Perhaps no money and never will?

If you want to very carefully parse the words, President, trump said that the next batch of “aid” will be announced in a few weeks. He said that this package will be “financial aid”.

The question was specifically about the check, and the answer of the President of trump seemed to imply that this will be so. However, if you carefully read the original (“We will be doing another stimulus package. It’ll be very good, it’ll be very generous…”), nothing in the reply of the President of trump does not indicate that there would be one more incentive payment to the Americans. He meant that can be an aid, generous, announced a couple of weeks, but not told about it directly.

No matter what is announced, this will be the last round of assistance. Senator McConnell said that the next round of assistance will be final.



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