Very useful products that dramatically increase blood sugar levels

To dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood can not only cakes and biscuits but also products which are all considered very useful.

Очень полезные продукты, которые резко повышают уровень сахара в крови

The higher the glycemic index of the product, the faster it raises blood sugar. These races are dangerous for blood vessels and can trigger the development of diabetes.

Doctors divide all products into three groups: red, yellow and green. The first group includes products with a high index, from 70 units and above. They are very rapidly broken down in the body quickly metabolized into glucose and, consequently, greatly raise the sugar level. In the green zone — foods that are broken down very slowly and almost do not give the jump sugar. Products of yellow areas are in between.

100 units is the glycemic index of glucose. The same index is white bread flour.

We usually believe that vegetables and fruits (except maybe bananas and grapes) have a low glycemic index and “generally useful”. But it’s not. There are products that are considered to be well very good for health, but are in the “red group”.

Pub. Zucchini have very low calorie — only 23 kcal per 100 grams. For all their benefits need to remember that the GI of squash is the same as that of watermelon, i.e. 75 units.

Carrots. Heat treatment increases its glycemic index. For example, baked or boiled carrots it is 85 units. And raw is only 40.

Barley. Surprising, but incredibly useful barley porridge glycemic index is the same as that of a croissant — 70.

Pumpkin. We all know that watermelon contains lots of sugar, for which he was referred to a group of fast carbs. It turns out that pumpkin has the same glycemic index — 75 units.

Pineapple. He is considered one of the main fighters against the fat fruit in the world. However, the GI of the fruit is quite high — 65 units.