‘Very, very soon’: trump announced changes to the immigration policy of the United States

The US President Donald trump has long sought to revise the immigration system of the United States to establish a right to immigrate on merit, not family ties. Immigration remains one of the defining emphases of the campaign trump, aimed at re-election in November of this year, writes NDTV.

'Сильно и очень скоро': Трамп анонсировал изменения в иммиграционной политике США

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The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed his promise in a short time, to sign a “very strong” immigration act, based on merit, which will also take into account the interests of immigrants, smuggled into the country as children (DACA or “dreamers”).

“We’re going to sign the immigration act is very soon. It will be based on merit, he will be very strong,” said trump at a press conference in the Rose garden at the White house on Tuesday, July 14.

“We’re going to work on DACA, because we want to make people happy, and I will tell you that even conservative Republicans want something happened with DACA,” said he.

The program DACA provides work permits and other protections for people who have been trafficked into the United States as the children of parents without papers. It affects approximately 700 000 young people, many of whom have Indian or South Asian origin.

President trump tried to cancel the program the era of Obama, but the Supreme court last month said that the program will remain in effect.

Trump said that the Democrats had a chance to do something about DACA, and they always refused it.

“They always rejected it. They used it as a policy. I use it to to do something. We will sign a very powerful immigration act. It will be great, it will be merit-based. The country was trying to get his 25 or 30 years,” he said.

“On the border it will be strictly, but if you come legally, you will be able to legally enter the United States, and this is very important. We will take care of the people of DACA very Republican,” he said.


immigration in the United States


Immigration in the United States

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