Vic from “DeAngelo” intrigued sensual dance with a stranger

Vika from group “Neangely” shared with subscribers of sensual video. The star danced with the mysterious stranger.

Вика из «НеАнгелов»  заинтриговала чувственным танцем с незнакомцем

“Black” from “Neonglow”, Victoria Smouha, published in his microblog a new post. The actress showed how she has been dancing. Surprisingly, the singer, who performs in a pop band, still improving their skills in dance and plastic.

“Dance me has not let go, because I’m on fire seriously. Buzz each time you visit the classes and want more and more work on themselves. I really like to convey their feelings and emotions are not only vocal, but also through the plasticity of the body. Each time through the dance I want to open himself and the audience, their inner world and their range of emotions,” said Victoria in the caption to the video.

In the frame of dance Victoria solo, but in the company of a mysterious stranger. The young man almost all the time is behind the singer and directs her movements with his hands. As it turned out, this coach artist Michael Calisto.

“@mishka_kalistov literally for a hand will lead in the right direction:))With this person every movement is a step forward! Each session is a victory! – Victoria praised his coach.

“See you at the concerts, your favorite,” asked the singer to his fans.

For dance Victoria chose a form-fitting jumpsuit green. This outfit emphasized every curve of the slender body of the performer.

According to the geotagging engaged couple at the Premier Palace Hotel.