Vice-President of the NOC of Japan contracted coronavirus

Вице-президент НОК Японии заболел коронавирусом

Kozo Too Tasima

Vice-President of the NOC of Japan Kozo too Tasima sick with coronavirus, according to news Agency Kyodo Tsushin.

62-year-old functionary passed test positive for the infection.

Details about the health Tasini, who is also the head of the football Federation of Japan, yet.

Recall that in Tokyo to attend a summer Olympic games.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) today intends to discuss the situation related to pandemic coronavirus and possible cancellation of the Olympics-2020.

It is expected that any final decisions will not, but the IOC wants to hear sports federations and national Olympic committees.

Note that in Japan at the present time was 814 cases of infection with coronavirus, 24 – fatal.