Victims of a powerful earthquake in Pakistan were 30 people, more than 450 were injured (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Жертвами мощного землетрясения в Пакистане стали 30 человек, более 450 получили ранения (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

On 24 September a powerful earthquake hit Azad Kashmir – a self-governing territory under control of Pakistan located in the North-East of the country. Its magnitude, according to the U.S. Geological survey (USGS), was 5.6. The epicenter was located 3 km South of Mirpur city, and the hypocenter – at a depth of 10 km.

The tremors that were felt in many parts of Pakistan and India, has resulted in casualties and serious damage. While confirmed the death of 30 people and more than 450 injured, according to Stormnews with reference to the television channel Geo.

In Mirpuri was destroyed houses and roads, overturned cars. Having problems with electricity supply and communication. The greatest damage occurred in the city of Mirpur and also in the settlements of Catla, Manda and Afzalpur, Chairman of the National Directorate for disaster management of Pakistan, Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal, quoted by the Agency TASS. The most affected infrastructure objects.

“The main road from the city of mangle in Afzal received the greatest damage, however, the mangle dam has not suffered”, – said the President, commenting that the turbines at hydroelectric power plants was temporarily shut down.

In the most affected areas were sent 200 tents, 800 blankets, 100 medical vehicles. In the settlements the rescue work continues. The national Directorate for disaster management of Pakistan warns of possible aftershocks in the coming days.