Victims of dementia massage useful drugs

Physiotherapy and massage are effective medicines in combating some of the symptoms of senile dementia. In particular, we are talking about aggression and arousal.

Жертвам деменции массаж полезней лекарств

Dementia is a group of memory disorders, which includes Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and some other disease. They all share not only common symptoms like gradual loss of memory and ability to control your own body, but the incurability. Modern medicine is unable to even slow the progression of these diseases, and all the existing drugs aimed at reducing the severity of certain symptoms. The classic symptoms of senile dementia include aggression and agitation, or strong mental excitement. Their symptoms are worse as soon as the person loses control over what is happening and not be able to accept it.

Traditionally, data is a manifestation of senile dementia are exposed to powerful drugs of the category of antipsychotics, which have a soothing effect. However, scientists from Canada found that a more effective strategy is to massage and some types of physical activity that are better to practice outdoors. This combination therapy eases emotional and physical stress that causes patients to fall into a state of aggression and agitation. And load and massage are even more effective than drugs.

However, the authors strongly emphasize that in dealing with the symptoms of senile dementia is not a universal solution for all. Their study showed that massage and loads more effective medications for many patients, but not for all. It is possible that some victims of dementia are still more useful it drugs.