Victims of mass protests in the United States were at least 11 people: what is happening in the country

One victim was the owner of a popular barbecue restaurant in Louisville, which provided the police with free meals. The other, “Mr. Indianapolis,” the former star player. Another killed was a Federal officer who worked in the security during the protest. They are all among those who died during protests in American cities that ensued after the death of George Floyd, killed by police in Minneapolis, says KTLA.

Жертвами массовых протестов в США стали как минимум 11 человек: что происходит в стране

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Many of those killed were blacks that have compounded the tragedy for their communities. Hundreds of others were injured in the chaos, police were also injured and protesters injured by rubber bullets. The death toll and circumstances of the killings is still being investigated in many cities, but what is known at the moment:


On June 1, when police and National guard troops tried to disperse the crowd, they heard shots and returned fire, killing David’s Makati, owner of a barbecue restaurant. The mayor fired the police chief after he found out that employees did not include their body Cams. The state police and the U.S. attorney’s office also are investigating.

Makati was a 53-year-old African American, who offered free meals to officers who came into his restaurant.

“We have lost a wonderful citizen named David Manila, — said the mayor of Louisville Greg Fischer. David was a friend to many, a well-known barbecue guy.”

2 June, the acting chief of police Robert Schrader stated that the video surveillance in the office of Makati and adjacent store shows that Makati was shot from a gun when the officers came up.

“This video does not provide answers to all questions. But we publish it to provide transparency. It is unclear, including why he shot and where was the police at this time,” said Schroeder.

Protests in Louisville took place against the background not only of the murder of Floyd and death of African-American Breanna Taylor, dead in her home in Louisville in March. 26-year-old woman received 8 bullets from the detectives on drugs, which knocked out her front door. Of drugs it never found.

Oakland, CA

Federal law enforcement officers provided security in Federal court during a protest when he was shot from the car. 53-year-old Dave Patrick underwood died, another officer was seriously wounded.

It was unclear whether the shooting from a passing car connected with the protests, though the glass doors of the Federal building were broken, and the main entrance was covered with graffiti antipanicescoe.

Underwood, who was African American, and another officer was hired by the staff of the Department of homeland security. They followed a protest nearby.

No one has been arrested and the motive for the shooting has not been determined. Underwood was the brother of Angela underwood Jacobs, the recently nominated Republican candidate for the vacant seat in the U.S. Congress.


30 and 31 may, two people were killed, including 38-year-old Chris Beaty, former striker in the team of Indiana University. He was known as “Mr. Indianapolis” and liaised with a team of Hoosiers long after graduation. He was also a prominent businessman in the city, driving several night clubs.

“I have no words. News of the death of Chris Bitti is just devastating, said coach Tom Allen. Since then, as I train in Indiana, Chris was inspired and supported me! His passion for life and football was charging me with energy every time.”

The circumstances of the murder were not immediately clear, but in some media it was reported that it happened outside his apartment. Beaty died the same night during protests in Indianapolis was mortally wounded 18-year-old boy.

Davenport, Iowa

Police are investigating the death of 22-year-old Italy Kelly who was shot dead on 1 June during a protest near the building of the Walmart and the death of the man found near where the suspects engaged in a shootout with police.

The circumstances of the death of Kelly’s grim, but so far no arrests. Kelly and her friend sat in the car to leave because a protest got out of control — in this moment her back hit by a bullet, said the aunt of the girl Amy Hale from Kansas.

“She always smiled, always laughed. That’s why it’s so sad that she died such a cruel way, ‘ said Hale. — Italy was a bright person.”

Authorities said that an officer patrolling in the city on may 31, was in “ambush” and killed in the crossfire. Another policeman shot at the answer — the suspects fled, but got in an accident and was arrested. Near the place where was shot the officer, police found a man killed from a shot, he was lying near the car. The police said that his body found the gun. The person’s name is not published.

The police said that video surveillance showed the involvement of this man and some of those arrested for shooting near a jewelry store a few hours earlier.


Here was the first murder since the start of the protests, a 43-year-old African American Calvin Horton, Jr., was shot to death outside the pawn shop. The result was arrested the pawn shop owner. Police said it is investigating the circumstances of the murder, including those associated with the protests in the area. The pawn shop was heavily damaged during the riots.

Omaha, Ne

22-year-old African American James Scurlock was killed may 30 after, according to the authorities, fought with the owner of two bars in the city centre. Surveillance video shows a group of people, including Scarlata, suitable to bar owner Jake Gardner. Two people pushed Gardner to the ground, and he shot into the air. After a few seconds Scurlock jumped on Gardner, who then fired a gun over his shoulder, hitting Scarlata.

Authorities refused to bring charges in the murder, calling the shooting self-defense. But Gardner still could face charges of an offense because the validity of his permit to carry a concealed weapon expired, said the chief of police.


21-year-old man was killed in Central city after his car was shot during a protest. According to police, the man was sitting in the driver’s seat of the car in the Parking lot with two people when unknown gunmen opened fire and left the scene.

The Suburbs Of Chicago

According to officials, during the riots on 1 June in the town of Cicero, near Chicago killed two people. The press-Secretary of police ray Hanania gave no details about those who were killed, but said it happened during the protests.



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