Victoria Beckham became a heroine of the Polish Vogue

Victoria Beckham was the star of the December issue of Vogue Poland. 45-year-old businesswoman and style icon appeared in a photo session in the stylish suits of its own brand. Each image has reached the maximum complete and stylish, so they can be safely take note.

Виктория Бекхэм стала героиней польского Vogue

On the cover of the timeless Victoria tried on a pants suit light beige shade, which features classic tailoring and strict lines. Wear it stylists offer with a white blouse with a striped print and accented with long cuffs. Hair star gathered updo with released the person sections of hair and makeup done with her favorite smoky, and accessories picked up a minimalistic earrings, a thin chain and a large ring with a stone.

“I always say: you can aim high, or even higher. Just in case you need more work.”

The second good way – in a bright green pantsuit in velvet. Interestingly, this time the celebrity who loves the contrasting shoes, tried on dainty pumps heels to match the outfit. Under the jacket she wore a blouse with a collar and vibrant print. Another bow, which has managed to share the star followers, similar to the previous one, but looks different due to draped over the shoulders trenco mustard hue.

But in the stories of Victoria added another stylish outfit that was not filmed for the famous gloss. However, it also deserves attention. Suit in a cage she completed a Canary-yellow blouse with a high collar and a large black flower on the neck. Complete your style with oversized sunglasses and tall hair. It will surely taste of the bright personalities!