Victoria Beckham believes his children “the secret of a happy marriage” with David Beckham

Renowned British singer, model and businesswoman Victoria Beckham in a recent interview spoke about the secret of a happy marriage to footballer David Beckham. Ex-member of Spice Girls is sure that the success of family life is to children.

Виктория Бекхэм считает своих детей «секретом счастливого брака» с Дэвидом Бекхэмом

In July this year, Victoria and David Beckham celebrated the 20th anniversary of married life. The couple has four children – three sons and a daughter Harper seven. In the show Today, the singer recently admitted that Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David and 8-year-old “mother’s copy” became the basis of a happy marriage. For the spouses, their welfare and provided the child are the priority, because everything that makes ex-footballer and the businesswoman, aimed at ensuring the future of the younger heirs.

While Victoria Beckham is no denying that love, “broke out” between her and her David Beckham at first sight, also plays an important role in family life. By the way, not so long ago, the singer opened a new cosmetic line and admits that she likes to do business, to participate in the creation of new collections and see their models on other people.