Victoria Beckham danced with her son under a hit of Spice Girls

45-year-old Victoria Beckham is rarely remembers his past star pop group Spice Girls. The former Posh Spice, now a successful British designer refused reunion with other “peppercorns”. However, fans do not lose hope, and they have a reason (read the news until the end!).

Виктория Бекхэм станцевала с сыном под хит Spice Girls

But her 17-year-old son Romeo has she done an exception this dance to the hit Spice Up Your Life video page son in TikTok. The song Spice Up Your Life entered the second Studio album by the Spice Girls titled Spiceworld, released in 1997.

Victoria and Romeo recorded a short home video to include the music louder. In the latest clip Victoria has demonstrated good dance form, causing regret among those fans who hoped to see her back on stage. About the reunion of a popular girls band media started talking in 2018. Victoria participated in the negotiations on this subject, but in the end refused to tour.

However, do not cease rumors that Beckham for some time may depart from the decision. 44-year-old Melanie brown said in an interview that she and the other ex-member Spice Girls are in talks with the organizers of the music festival in Glastonbury on the reunion of the band at the jubilee festival (summer 2020 it will be held for the 50th time). According to the singer, it is likely that Victoria, too, will take part in the performance.