Victoria Beckham has surprised followers childishly narrow hips and endless legs

Victoria Beckham has truly impeccable taste and always chooses outfits that are maximally flattering. However, the latest Instagram celebrity embarrassed her fans.

Виктория Бекхэм удивила фолловеров по-детски узкими бедрами и бесконечными ногами

Many fans consider Victoria Beckham a standard of female beauty. The player’s wife is picks up the images at social events and on trips with children.

However, the last photo in Instagram of the designer caused a twofold reaction from the followers.

New publication Beckham has caused a mixed reaction in the Network.

Fit and slim legs Beckham were the reason for the mass of compliments to Victoria. But on the hips of followers have any questions: many thought their childish narrow.

I think it’s just the wrong angle and camera a new Iphone model on which the picture was taken.