Victoria Beckham introduced the world’s first make-up collection

Victoria Beckham this week – the main star of gossip columns. The businesswoman launched a new collection of Victoria Beckham spring-summer 2020, inspired by the music and movies of the 70s. the Designer is experimenting with a combination of strict lines and fabric ruffles, and neutral shades with a “screaming” bright. Thus, the team managed to preserve the brand’s DNA, but to a new sound.

Виктория Бекхэм представила миру первую коллекцию макияжа

Another infopovod – release of the debut line cosmetic brand Victoria Beckham Beauty. Now the novelty is already available on the official website of the brand. While they fly around the world, the attention of all beauty portals confined to Victoria.

She could tell that the main “call” of the brand: a clean and transparent composition, the products that will underline your individuality. And it was decided to start with products to create eye makeup. After a sexy evening and a light daytime smoky has long been a highlight of the image of Victoria.

I wonder what Victoria said: she is not going to produce cosmetics for rejuvenation, as it believes that the main thing is not to get rid of wrinkles, and “become the best version of yourself.” “We all have wrinkles, and that’s fine. I want people to like themselves,” – this quote Victoria already scattered across the network.

However, shining appearance of the 45-year-old Victoria says that she is in your care moving in the right direction. As it turned out, well-built in addition to regular care, it has other proven secrets. Without proper nutrition , not done!

Your diet, it tries to build so that it took into account the balance of all the necessary elements. The last time Victoria paid attention to the importance of drinking sufficient quantities of the right fats for glowing skin. To replace the norm, the day she eats 3-4 avocados.

With inflammation and rashes great fights red fish with omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon advised her to use a nutritionist, and morning and evening. According to Victoria, at first she was shocked, but then I saw – it works. A month later the skin is literally transformed.

The third equally important point – salon treatments. Recently, a Hollywood beautician Harold Lancer said that he had advised Victoria procedure called “Embryo”. All over face mask is applied on the basis of the calf, and the area around the eyes – pearl pollen. Is such a pleasure not cheap – about $ 1,450.

Виктория Бекхэм представила миру первую коллекцию макияжа