Victoria Beckham is desperate: her eldest son is a disgrace to his family

Victoria Beckham strongly knows what she’s doing — her favorite eldest son Brooklyn made the whole British show business to make fun of their family. The fact that Brooklyn has been the sixth (!) girlfriend less than three months. Moreover, every novel detail is reflected in the social network.

Виктория Бекхэм в отчаянии: ее старший сын позорит свою семью

Reporters gossip columns can’t keep up with 20-year-old Brooklyn. They do not have time to tell us about his new novel, the son of Victoria’s already time to move on to the next hottie. So at the end of August this year, he broke up with Hannah Cross, which occurred more than six months for him almost a record long term. But one, he remained only a few days in early September he was already being hugged at the party with one of his exes — Waisted storm. But barely a couple of weeks, as Brooklyn has a new girlfriend — a 25-year-old model-brunette Phoebe TORRANCE, which is so similar to his mother Victoria, which worked as her double during a fashion show.

But Phoebe stayed in his arms not for long. She only managed to spread in the Network video his caresses with Brooklyn as caught kissing at a Hollywood party with a new pretty girl — actress-blonde Natalie Ganzhorn. But she could not resist for long in the status of girlfriend in Brooklyn.

Recently he started Dating another blonde actress Nicola pelt. And as it turned out the other day, in between flirtations with Natalie and Nicole, he managed to “twist the novel” still with younger sister Kate moss, Lottie…

So Victoria does have grounds to fear for his outrageous frivolous son, who, moreover, still managed to leave school at the University. But most of all, Mrs. Beckham is concerned: the fact that her eldest son becomes “walking caricature” may have a negative impact on the reputation of the whole family, where the older three children….