Victoria Beckham named their favorite image with a short haircut times Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham turns out to be a very sentimental person. In a recent interview the singer and the designer admitted that fondly recalls the days of the Spice Girls, and especially the shooting of the video for the song Goodbye.

Виктория Бекхэм назвала свой любимый образ с короткой стрижкой времен Spice Girls

According to her, then she looked just gorgeous, and this was a piquant explanation ― at that time Victoria was pregnant with her first child.

I had a short haircut like a pixie, a stunning dress from Jil Sander and beautiful natural makeup. I was at that stage of pregnancy, when you seem to glow from within,

― said Beckham on a talk show This Morning.

Recall that the premiere of the clip Goodbye took place in 1998, the song became the album Forever, released in 2000. It is believed that this song became an informal farewell to Geri Halliwell, who left the band to start a solo career. However, soon so did Victoria herself.

Remembering this video, I smile all the time, because then in the tummy I had a small Brooklyn

― added the 45-year-old star.

Hard to believe, but baby Brooklyn now for 20 years, in addition, the star family of footballer David Beckham and ex-soloist of the Spice Girls growing up 17-year-old Romeo, a 14-year-old Cruz and long-awaited daughter ― 8-year-old Harper.