Victoria Beckham showed a stylish “black eye”

In the framework of the fashion week in London, Victoria Beckham has finally launched his signature cosmetics line. And now she is actively engaged in the promotion line, showing the results of all funds for yourself. While the collection only make-up products. Therefore, the designer shows all the possible makeup options that you can create with her line. Misses Victoria and the avant-garde.

Виктория Бекхэм показала стильный «фингал»

Beckham recently posted a video in which makeup artist with a pencil from the collection depicted on the left eye, Victoria star. However, the followers rather, it reminded sort of a stylish black.

In recent years, Vic often talks about its shortcomings, and shows them online. So in one of the posts she posted a selfie with no filters, which shows a few wrinkles on the forehead.

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Fun with @wendyrowe with my @victoriabeckhambeauty Midnight Lustre Lid ⭐ I ⭐ I Discover at the link in bio or at @victoriabeckhambeauty xx Kisses

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In a recent interview with UK Glamour magazine, Victoria spoke about age and about how important it is to accept yourself: “Now everyone is chasing youth, I took your age. Yes, I am 45 years old and I have wrinkles. But that is no reason to be dissatisfied with himself. This is the norm. For me the most important thing right now is my family and my life that takes up most of the time”.

Also, Victoria said that trying to eat right and not skip meals: “I could easily forget about lunch. But now it is important that the children have seen what I normally eat. I should be an example for them that they had the right relationship with food.