Victoria Bulitko has unveiled its parameters

Superfinalists show “Dances with stars z 2019Victoria Bulitko dropped during participation in the project almost 4 pounds.

About this participant of “Diesel Studio” told in his Instagram account, rassekrechen parameters — height and weight.

Виктория Булитко рассекретила свои параметры

I know that I today made a genuinely surprised? I got on the scales and saw the figure of 43.4. Before the project “dancing with the stars” and I weighed 47 kg. despite the fact that my height is 153 see Saw. I was in shock. Happy. No longer in the same figure, and for the overall improvement of body shape. I did in school didn’t look like one, you know? Never! And now I can finally wear all of the pile of dresses that was lying in the cupboard and waited, when I look like this! Always wanted to be toned, to see a clear line of muscle, and now I see it all!

wrote Victoria Bulitko.

This Sunday, November 24, Victoria Bulitko will compete for victory in show “Dances with stars 2019 s” with Olympic medalist Anne of Rizatdinova and actress Ksenia Mishina.