Victoria Bulitko released its weight

Participant of “Diesel Studio” and show “Tancu z with stars 2019” Victoria Bulitko, who previously told about the nearest plans of her deceased colleague Marina Poplavskaya, noticeably thinner.

Виктория Булитко рассекретила свой вес

Lose weight fast in a rhythm, of course. A large number of physical training and rehearsals, no time for a full lunch, — says Bulitko. — Now, my diet automatically becomes a separate power supply. Can’t get favorite the has the first, second and compote. There to eat an Apple, then a banana. In August I weighed 47 kg, now about 44. And this in a very short period of time! I feel great, I have long wanted to lose weight. I’m short, the current weight I am very comfortable. And I’m glad that finally I had a press!

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