Victoria spoke about the proper upbringing of children after accusations of promoting anorexia

Only recently the star has met a lack of understanding of people who considered that it imposes daughter’s unattainable standards of beauty, and now talks about his principles more to clarify.

Виктория рассказала о правильном воспитании детей после обвинений в пропаганде анорексии

Victoria Beckham was criticized after she held daughter Harper backstage of his fashion show and took a picture of her surrounded by extremely skinny models. Fans felt that the approval of thinness as the norm threatens the girl psychological problems in the future, anorexia and manic desire to lose weight.

Now, however, Victoria dispels their fears and says he always tries to behave properly and to accept myself for who I am, so in the future, Harper not captured dangerous misconceptions. For example, it is presented to the public its line of cosmetics, stressing that tried it on myself. Beckham said that she too has wrinkles, she’s getting old and refers to this as the norm. The star said that immersion in the world of beauty helped her to fully Express their personality and to develop his attitude to the upbringing of Harper.

I rely on their own experience. Discuss the topic of harassment with Harper and teach her that girls should be kind to girls

― said the singer and fashion designer. She argues that on the contrary, seeks to show his daughter the different facets of beauty and example teaches her to take care of themselves, for example, have only healthy food.

She’s sure doing everything right and she has nothing to reproach himself.

Looking back, I consider all part of a larger journey that brought me to where I am now,

― added Victoria.