Video dog-gentleman, who has for the mistress of bag, has caused ambiguous reaction in the network

Видео с псом-джентльменом, который несет за хозяйкой сумку, вызвало неоднозначную реакцию в сети

The network has gone viral captured in Kuala Lumpur video in which a black Rottweiler gentleman carries in his teeth a bag for your mistress. The woman is light ahead.

Opinions of Internet users on this issue were divided. Some admired the devotion of the dog said that the dog protects the master bag from thieves. Someone was unhappy that the dog is a fighting breed walking down the street without a leash.

And many were troubled by the behavior of women, arguing that it “risks life” of your pet. And that lady could easily carry the bag herself because she’s “not handicapped, just lazy.

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