Video games: to pretend that the start of the school year does not take place

Video games: to pretend re-entry isn't happening


Don't feel like giving up your carefree summer? Rest assured, you are not alone. Here is something to make the slowness of the beautiful days last and especially the impression of no longer having a schedule. 

Nothing better, to forget the reality of the calendar, than to turn into a stray cat. A game recognized by PETA, the animal rights organization, as being particularly realistic, the all-new “Stray” transforms the player into a stray cat whose meows are the only means of expression. The feline, fallen into an underground city, will have to find its way while avoiding the many dangers and with the help of a drone called B-12. Imagined by French developers, this title is a little gem in which it is easy – and delightful – to get lost for hours.

From one animal to another

Since nothing is more exotic than playing an animal, why not become a shark? This is what “Maneater” – otherwise known as “man eater” – offers, the title of which gives a taste (yes, the pun intended) of the aim pursued. As a female bull shark disfigured by a fisherman, your goal is to get revenge. You will be able to attack humans if you feel like it, while making sure you become a “super shark” in order to fight against a formidable monster.

Those who raved about goats in Marvel's latest Thor movie will enjoy becoming one. The second iteration of “Goat Simulator” (the first title is still available on Steam), which is due out before the end of the year, promises to let you rave about destroying everything in your path, in addition to completing missions, collect points and play with up to three of your friends. Bêêêê!

And while delirious in the animal world, why not go to a school for pigeons, yes, yes, where you will have to find love. The concept of “Hatoful Boyfriend” is wacky, but be aware that it is an adaptation of a Japanese manga and that the various scenarios of the missions were written by Hato Moa, the creator of the series. It is therefore serious and you will coo with ease.

Return to humans

Since we're on the subject of love, here's “One Night Stand”—yes, it's for adults, but nothing shocking—the title of which explains the basic premise. After a crazy night of sex and alcohol, you wake up in an unfamiliar bed. At your side, a stranger. Your mission? Find out who she is by searching her house, phone, etc. while being extremely careful that she does not put you out. Artistically drawn, and with a very light soundtrack, “One Night Stand” makes it very pleasant to forget the days that are getting shorter and the leaves of the trees that are turning brown.

Let’s stay in the drawing-like visual to head to “Bear With Me”. In black and white, the game follows little Amber who, accompanied by her teddy bear, goes in search of her missing brother. She quickly discovers that a mysterious man in red is leaving her clues – in red, the only other color in the game – whose meaning she will have to understand. A total of four episodes make up this “Bear With Me” which looks like a thriller that is both dramatic and humorous.

To immerse yourself in hours of uninterrupted play, here is “Spelunky”, a platform game. Of kosse? You find yourself underground having to navigate labyrinthine levels filled with monsters, obstacles and objects. The specificity of this title is that each time you start again – because you will often die – the tables are different since they are generated randomly. When I told you that you had for hours!

As a conclusion, head into a violent world in which you follow the orders… of a banana. Eh yes. “My Friend Pedro” is a fun shooter in which you will, of course, have to handle weapons, but also use strategy in order to perform moves that will allow you to kill as many enemies as possible. Good luck.

The link book

  • “Stray”: Windows and PlayStation 
  • “Maneater”: Windows via Steam 
  • “Goat Simulator”: Windows, macOS and Linux via Steam 
  • “Goat Simulator 3”: for Xbox, PlayStation and Windows 
  • “Hatoful Boyfriend”: https :// Windows, macOS and Linux via Steam 
  • “One Night Stand”: -stand.html for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch 
  • “Bear With Me”: various platforms including Android 
  • “Splunky”: Windows, PlayStation and Xbox 
  • “My Friend Pedro”: various platforms s