Video of the car on the sidewalk stirred up the issue of repairs and tubes (PHOTO)

Видео автомобиля на тротуаре всколыхнуло проблему ремонтов и пробок (ФОТО)

The network spread the video, which shows how the white car in downtown Toronto goes on the sidewalk to avoid a traffic jam in the area. The public believes it is a growing problem, as this is not the first driver who does that.

Michael Bethel, who took this video claims that it shows us another example of how drivers violate the traffic rules near the Old Forest Hill road and Glenarden due to the ongoing repair works there. People have to break and go on the sidewalks because otherwise you have to stand for an hour to leave from your rotation.

According to Betel, repair work is to blame 100%. Matthew Slutsky, who lives in the area said in his Twitter that it’s not like mayor John Tory, Metrolinx or the city Council are worried about this problem.

“Children perish. It is unsafe,” added Slutsky in his Twitter account. In his indignation Metrolinx responded that no repair work does not justify driving that violates traffic rules.