[VIDEO] Traverse in Quebec: the CAQ wants to recreate the Champlain Market

[VIDÉO] Traverse in Quebec: the CAQ wants to recreate the Marché Champlain


Public square, large market, new wharves: the CAQ will unveil this morning the major metamorphosis it is planning for the current site of the Québec crossing.

If the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is returned to power, the river station sector as we know it today will be completely transformed, François Legault will announce this morning.&nbsp ;

This commitment, the first of the CAQ's election campaign in the Capitale-Nationale, will be unveiled with great fanfare this morning. 

The event will also mark the resumption of the CAQ leader's election campaign , which was suspended yesterday due to the death of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. 

According to information obtained by our Parliamentary Office, the CAQ will undertake to demolish the current river station, before proceeding with a complete redevelopment of the site. 

Recreating the Champlain Market

François Legault's party aims, among other things, to recreate the Champlain Market there, which disappeared in 1910. It would be a real showcase for local products and local foods. 

It would also be a way to fill the void left by the demolition of the Marché du Vieux-Port in 2019, in favor of the Grand Marché inaugurated near the Colosseum, at ExpoCité. 

< strong>Public square

A large public square, from where it would be possible to better appreciate the proximity of the Château Frontenac, would also be set up around the station. 

The place would provide entertainment and shows, a bit like the case on the other side of the river, where a brand new river station was inaugurated a few years ago near the Paquet dock. 

The place, once revamped, would become a sort of extension of Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain, phase 3 of which is in the process of being completed and for which the outgoing government has promised a phase 4, despite the procrastination of CAQ Minister Geneviève Guilbault on this subject. 

River shuttles

As for the quays, they would be modernized so as to be able to accommodate, in the future, smaller pedestrian ferries than those currently used, which are aging. 

Le Journal reported last March that once the Quebec-Lévis tunnel was inaugurated , the ferry service between Quebec and Lévis would be redesigned to exclusively serve pedestrians and cyclists. 

According to our information, a river shuttle service offering connections to the island of Orléans could also be put forward. 

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