[VIDEOS] Incredible and filmed arrest of young thieves

[VIDÉOS] Incredible and filmed arrest of young thieves


A Laval resident captured two young repeat thieves in action on his cameras stealing cars in his neighborhood and their incredible arrest this weekend.

“We are really happy that they have finally been arrested. We had our sunglasses stolen last year [in our car]. It was becoming a recurring problem in the neighborhood,” confides to the Journal the Laval resident who gave us the videos. 

The latter preferred to remain silent his name for fear of reprisals. Its cameras filmed the astonishing scene where two young people were arrested and then handcuffed overnight from Friday to Saturday. Elianna Roberge, 20, and Cédric Picard-Ledoux, 21, were formally charged Saturday at the Laval courthouse.

Legs to his neck

The spectacular arrest occurred around 4 a.m. On the videotapes, we see the two thugs trying to open the doors of cars on rue Benjamin-Constant, in Laval. They went from one vehicle to another to steal the objects left inside, when the doors were unlocked. 

One of the malefactors tries to open the door of this car to steal objects from the car. inside.

The problem is that a citizen of this residential area pinned them on the spot. The Laval Police Department (SPL) confirms having received a call to 911 around 4:09 a.m. to denounce them. 15 minutes later, the time was over for fun.

< p>“Police are moving around the area and locating the suspect vehicle. They notice the presence of two people inside. As soon as the police activate the flashing lights of the patrol car, the passenger gets out of the vehicle and flees on foot, ”says agent Erika Landry of the SPL. 

Like an action movie

A policeman immediately chased Elianna Roberge and finally managed to handcuff her. In another video, we even see residents leaving their homes to take a closer look at the chase that took on the appearance of an action movie in their residential area. 

Meanwhile, Cédric Picard-Ledoux remained on the bench on the driver's side of the car, according to the SPL. On the video, we see another policeman pull him out of the vehicle and bring him to the ground within seconds.

Here, we see a policeman handcuffing one of the suspects to the ground.

“You are detained for an investigation for thefts from vehicles”, vigorously launches the SPL agent. 

Authorities also say the vehicle in which the suspects were found was reported as stolen property.

The stolen vehicle in which the youths were found was towed.

Not their first prank

Elianna Roberge and Cédric Picard-Ledoux appeared at the Court of Quebec in Laval yesterday. They will return to court on July 15. 

The two criminals are notably accused of theft and concealment of less than $5,000, non-compliance with probation conditions and “having had in their possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose”. According to the SPL, the weapon in question is a bear repellent.

The duo is not his first escapade. He was charged with theft and possession of stolen property in the Saint-Hyacinthe district earlier this year. The two 20-somethings are also racking up charges for break and enter and breach of conditions. 

They seem to be rife mainly in the districts of Laval, Saint-Hyacinthe and Longueuil. < /p>

– With Antoine Lacroix

According to the Service de police de Laval, the number of crimes against property increased by 4% in 2021. This trend broke the downward trend that began in minus 2017. Note that thefts from vehicles are included in this category.

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