Viewers do not hide their indignation with the decision of TVP regarding the program “Farmer is looking for a wife”. A storm broke out on the web

What did TVP like to viewers?

 Viewers do not hide their indignation with TVP's decision on the program

As the portal” Pomponik “reminds us, Last Sunday, a new season of the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program, adored by the viewer, was to start. To the despair of many fans, the broadcast was postponed due to the volleyball players' match at the World Cup. Many viewers did not warmly welcome this change. They did not hide their emotions and opinions about where such sports events should be broadcast.

Big hit

The “Farmer is looking for a wife” program turned out to be a real hit on TVP. The format attracts many viewers to the screens, who eagerly follow the fate of the participant also after the completion of shooting for individual editions of the program. The viewer is even discouraged by the fact that not all participants come to the love show to find love, but only to gain publicity.

Despite the controversy and the accusation of lack of authenticity, the program attracts about 3.5 million viewers in front of TV sets. Despite such a large audience, TVP decided to postpone the premiere of the new season by at least a week. The broadcast scheduled for Sunday, September 4, did not take place due to the volleyball match played by Poland and Tunisia.

< p>Not all viewers received this information with joy. There have been many comments on social media regarding what internet users think about such a move. Embittered supporters of the TVP love show asked why the match was not broadcast on the TVP Sport channel, which is the only one dedicated to this kind of event.

“Embarrassment. I wanted to turn on TVP only for this program, and here is such an unpleasant surprise” – reads an excerpt from one of the comments. “These stupid matches should be broadcast on sports channels, not on TVP1! I don't cheer” – we read in the next post.

What do you think about the rescheduling of the new season of the “Farmer Looking for a Wife” program?