Vika from DeAngelo appeared with an unusual hairstyle

Victoria Smouha from the band Neangely regularly shares with fans the moments of your life — for example, she simply bombarded the network with a nice photo of your Paradise vacation in the Maldives. Now the band went on tour in Ukraine with a new album, so the artist less time on the social network.

Вика из НеАнгелов предстала с непривычной прической

But she still tries to put in Cherkasy singer decided on a little experiment with his looks, and the result shared on Instagram. All used to seeing the brunette with smooth hair, but this time she appeared in a photo with lush curls.

Happy Vika is wearing a white shirt and tights with military print posing while sitting on the bench.

“Cherkasy, Thank You!!!!!!! We are leaving you with a million cucarachas and tingling! Smooth — curl, straight — aligned. Do you like to experiment with your appearance?” commented the singer.

Followers of the actress were quick to share their experiences — most liked unusual hairstyle girls, but some noted that smooth hair going to her more.

  • Beauty is a terrible force!
  • You just everything. The beauty of ours!!
  • super, this light, airy
  • Just Like Curly Sue
  • Oh, you’re cool
  • VI duzhe Garni, ale duzhe Kucher not to lichti) front image is just mega
  • Though take and “Glider” sing!!! Krasna
  • VI duzhe krasiv, but not then, if Kucherov)))
  • Class, haven’t seen you in such a manner
  • Extensions the BOMB you really are
  • Krutyshka, not learned immediately with curls, unusual , but fun
  • So cute, super extensions