Vika from DeAngelo boasted gorgeous body in blue bikini

Victoria Smouha from the band Neangely made himself truly a Paradise vacation on the exotic Islands of the Maldives. Tanned babe does a lot of vivid imagery that demonstrates on the network, delighting a gorgeous figure in a bikini. By the way, swimsuits she captured there whole collection and every day shows a new hot look. At this time, the artist staged a provocative photo shoot on a swing.

Вика из НеАнгелов похвасталась роскошным телом в синем бикини

Vika posed in a blue bikini and sunglasses, taking a seductive pose on a swing is located directly in the ocean over the water. Sexy babe showed her magnificent body from all angles, admiring the long legs and chiseled waist.

Extreme scenes she has done already on the beach in the background of most of those swings.

Вика из НеАнгелов похвасталась роскошным телом в синем бикини

In addition to the hot shots, the singer also shares interesting facts about the Maldives Islands.

“We will continue the tour of the oddities of the Maldivians. In the Maldives it is not customary to celebrate a birthday. Traditionally, on this day, local residents are trying to work. When I learned this fact, I realized that I almost Maldives, because very often I spend on stage or on set on December 13. Love to celebrate your birthday? Or are you in the soul “resident in Maldives”?” — told Smouha.

Followers of the singer tirelessly admired her stunning figure, and incredibly scenic views, against which it is removed.

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