Vika from DeAngelo shone in a translucent skirt

Group Neangely continues to travel around the cities of Ukraine with performances. This means that wick Smouha and Thank Kaminska demonstrate various stage outfits, and often very seductive. So, on the stage in Krivoy Rog Smouha flashed a very open neckline in a sparkling top. The image of the singer complemented the shorts-Cycling shorts and fancy skirt-peplum.

Вика из НеАнгелов блистала в полупрозрачной юбке

Recently Neangely made to Exactly. Again, Smouha posted a video of the performance. So fans can see her new stage outfit. This time Vika shone in a translucent skirt, decorated with sequins, through which shines the long slender legs of the performer. But the familiar top — fully lined faux diamonds, with a deep decollete.

“Exactly, now you made me want to come back to you again and as you can see the song “Heart” inspired by the highest feelings of our love. Be zdorov, be Bhagat have Koni Asel have Koni hat!” signed live Smouha.


Of course, fans of the Wiki was delighted with her new video, speeches and images:

  • “Schiro, mentally, nepereversheno! Shedevralno. Cecam have Ravnomu shte times”
  • “The vocals at the highest level! Come again — be sure to come!”
  • “Thank you for the sea pozitivnih emotsy I vragen!”
  • “You are super! Love you”
  • “My lovelies”
  • “Powerfully”
  • “Beauty”