Vika from DeAngelo showed inflated press

Victoria Smouha from the band Neangely recently returned after a stay in the exotic Maldives. The singer was really pleased the fans colorful photos in a bikini on a backdrop of stunning local landscapes. But, back in Kiev, she immediately plunged into cold autumn and proceeded to the job. So, on the page in Instagram artist published a video which demonstrates not only bright makeup, but spicy outfit.

Вика из НеАнгелов показала накачанный пресс

Vika brought to fans in a light coat, under a buyout was seen stilny mesh top, lavishly decorated with stones under it easily could be considered underwear of the singer. She also turned on the camera perfectly flat tummy.

Makeup performer was flashy and showy with a focus on the eyes. In the video, the stylist corrected my hair the stars, and fixed it with varnish.

“Good day, my motivating pagelock ! The fact that our brain during the holiday reduces the speed of its work, almost 25%! I know you can get a good set in the beginning of the working day! Let me start! Love You!” — shared Victoria interesting fact.

“I’m shot!” with humor, commented on his bow, the singer.

Subscribers actress was delighted with her bright character and joie de vivre in the frame.

  • Star
  • Babe, you are super!
  • Beautiful and stylish bow
  • Remember the days of my 2000, you came to Odessa and was the same crown and positive girl. Nothing has changed, good luck
  • Goddess
  • Our favorite frame. Beauty, good, love
  • Mikulka, you’re incredibly talented and beautiful
  • I remember my favorite clip of Yours…. You are gorgeous… Not changed, become chic