Vika from DeAngelo was intrigued by the video, which learns the dance of love

Fans are wondering why the singer learning to dance

Вика из НеАнгелов заинтриговала видео, на котором учится танцу любви

Victoria Smouha from the band Neangely boasts just did a perfect figure — the girl slim waist, firmer abs and long, slender legs. Not long ago, the singer returned from a Paradise vacation in the Maldives, where the pleasure of doing photos and generously shared them online, showing the sexy shape in a bikini.After returning to Kyiv together with the “colleague” group Fame she has managed to release a new album, as well as to dance.

On his page in Instagram Vika shared several videos in which she and her coach is trained to “dance of love” Rumba. For training, the actress chose a simple and comfy outfit black leggings. pink t-shirt and dance shoes.

The coach helps the singer to put the correct posture and movement, sometimes downright “exposing” it to the desired position by hand.

“The feelings in the rhythm of the Rumba! Are you ready for the dance of love in my performance? Eager to surprise you!!!” — shared Smouha.

Video: Victoria Smouha engaged in dances (

It is worth noting that the girl is very nice moves to the music.

“Very strange! It seems to me that as soon as I learn dancing, the song is much shorter. The feeling that music is my boyfriend directs” — with humour, commented on Vic one of the rollers.

Video: Victoria Smouha engaged in dances (

Intrigued subscribers are wondering why the artist decided to learn this dance, and admire her figure. Some suggest the performer to try their hand in the show dancing with the stars next season.

  • You need to be on the show dancing with the stars))) I think you guys are gonna peretantsuet
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